Have you signed up for our Gift Aid scheme?


HMRC has introduced a new process over the last year that requires us to update the information we hold on Gift Aid Donors.  In view of this we need ALL the members of our Gift Aid Scheme to complete a new declaration form.

If you have signed up for the Gift Aid scheme at any time in the past, please ensure that:

    • You are a UK tax payer and have paid enough tax to cover the amount of Gift Aid that is claimable
    • You have informed us of all changes of name and/or address since you signed up for the Gift Aid scheme
    • You have signed a formal Gift Aid Declaration issued by Ruach City Church Finance Department
    • You have informed us if you no longer wish to be part of the scheme
  • Once you have completed a full declaration you are no longer required to sign the back of the envelopes

If you have any queries please contact the Finance Department on 020 8678 6888 or email finance@ruachcitychurch.org

We would also like to invite you to join the Gift Aid scheme if you haven’t already done so.

Finally, we are asking that you would pay special attention when completing your donation envelopes ensuring that your contact details are clear.

For further information please collect a Finance Newsletter from the information stand.

It is important that we receive the completed declarations as soon as possible

Standing Order Authority Form

If you would like to make a regular payment via Standing Order to Ruach City Church, please complete our Standing Order Authority Form and send it to finance@ruachcitychurch.org.

Download Standing Order Authority Form Here